SCAAVO has always been committed to quality and food safety in all production processes. It therefore has several international certifications, such as certification for the 2018 ISO 22000 standard, which ensures consumer protection and food safety, as well as the certification granted by SOHISCERT, a leading entity in ecological certification in Europe.

ISO 22000 2018 AENOR


SCAAVO has always been committed to the food safety and quality of its products. Therefore, it has certification for the 2018 ISO 22000 standard from AENOR, which ensures compliance with food safety and hygiene criteria of all the Cooperative’s production processes, from preparation and cultivation of wines to the marketing of seasoned olives and extra virgin olive oil. This standard applies to the entire food chain and ensures food safety in all types of supply chain organisations.

We are the only first-degree Cooperative in the Antequera region with this certification, making us one of the leading cooperatives in safety and quality in all its processes of creation and production.



SOHISCERT, the leading entity in organic certification in Europe, has certified organic production at the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Agrícola Virgen de la Oliva factory. The Cooperative, which began its journey in 1993 selling its first bottled wines, continues on that path by committing to organic production of guarantees with the maximum dedication and quality in its products.