The Cooperative’s Management may be composed of one or more persons with the authority and powers conferred on them by the Bylaws. Since we are a cooperative that includes the Credit Section, we must appoint a full-time director of the section, or the equivalent position, who may or may not be the same person as the director or general director of the Cooperative.

The powers belonging to the members of Management shall extend to matters relating to the ordinary course of business or decisions of the Cooperative.

At least once a year, the members of Management must submit a detailed report to the Administrative body on the financial situation of the Cooperative. Within two months from the end of the financial year, they must submit a proposal to that body on the accounting documents determined by regulations.

Likewise, they must promptly notify the Administration of any matter that must be made known to it given its importance. Its members shall attend the meetings of the administrative body when convened with a voice and without a vote, and in that case, they shall report on the aspects of its management that are requested of them.