Bodegas Carpe Diem attends the feria Alimentaria 2022

Bodegas Carpe Diem asiste a la Feria Alimentaria 2022

The event, aimed at the major professionals in the agri-food sector, is held from April 4 to 7 in Barcelona

Bodegas Carpe Diem, which belongs to the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Agraria Virgen de la Oliva SCAAVO, will be present this week at the Feria Alimentaria 2022. Specifically, this event is held from April 4 to 7 in Barcelona and brings together the major professionals in the agri-food sector.

At the fair, Bodegas Carpe Diem is located in Lands of Spaina space that emphasises the gastronomic and cultural wealth of the food and beverage industry across Spain. Therefore, during these days, Bodegas Carpe Diem will present its wines in this space, especially Apiane and Carpe Diem Trasañejo, which was recently awarded the Gold Medal at the International Competition in Lyon.

This way, Bodegas Carpe Diem will share space with professionals in the sector from SpainEurope and Latin America, the most important markets in the sector. All of them come together at Alimentaria to strengthen ties and build bridges of direct connection, analysing the industry’s main lines of evolution and detecting new opportunities amongst themselves.

Feria Alimentaria 2022

Alimentaria is aimed at the main actors and professionals in the agri-food sector, and it presents a unique, all-encompassing selection for four days in an exceptional environment. It will restructure most of its selection into various rooms that will display the proposals made by the key subsectors of the food industry. The fair will have eight areas specialised by product type, a hall where all the autonomous communities will be represented, and another with the best selection from 52 countries around the world.

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