Carpe Diem Trasañejo wins the Gold Medal at the Lyon International Competition

Carpe Diem Trasañejo obtiene la Medalla de Oro en el Concurso Internacional de Lyon

This is the only wine with DOP Malaga to achieve this recognition

Bodegas Carpe Diem from the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Agrícola Virgen de la Oliva SCAAVO have been awarded at the International Competition of Lyon with the Gold Medal in the category of ‘Still Wines’ for the Carpe Diem Trasañejo. In this internationally recognised competition, the best wines in the world compete every year.

In addition, Carpe Diem Trasañejo had already been awarded this medal in 2015. It should also be noted that it has been the only DOP Malaga to be recognised in this competition.

Thus, this new 2010 bottling, along with the Sabor a Málaga award received at the end of 2021, confirms the excellent quality of this Carpe Diem Trasañejo entry. This wine is making waves in every contest it is entered into.

SCAAVO welcomes this recognition with great satisfaction, as it endorses the great work being done by the Cooperative’s entire team, both employees and members, to promote the vineyard as a fundamental pillar in Mollina and its surroundings.

Finally, SCAAVO’s director, Germán Luna, expresses his gratitude “to the team of oenologists and members for their involvement” and highlights the current commitment to the Cooperative from a business perspective, with investments in marketing, the corporate image, and new wines.

Undoubtedly, the Gold Medal from the International Competition in Lyon is yet another success for Bodegas Carpe Diem, as well as the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Agrícola Virgen de la Oliva SCAAVO, who therefore harvest the fruit of continual work, effort, and enthusiasm.

The vineyard is a very traditional crop, anchored in the north of Malaga, specifically in the Andalusian Agricultural Cooperative Society Virgen de la Oliva SCAAVO since its foundation in 1977, but it has lost some importance over time. Therefore, the main objective of the Cooperative’s Advisory Board is, on the one hand, not to uproot vineyards and, on the other, to enhance the vineyards, as it isn’t possible to focus all the work only on the olive grove.

Carpe Diem Trasañejo

Very dark in colour with a wide robe, with the thin meniscus offering iodised tones in the glass. The movement is oily, with thick, dense, coloured legs. Fresh figs, candied fruit, and notes of citrus appear. Its mouthfeel is oily, very broad, and succulent with a soft texture.

The wine pairs well with sour fruits, nuts, cheeses, and pates. The optimal drinking temperature is between 4 and 7ºC.

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